Matthias Arabians

For over 40 years Matthias Arabians has bred and trained national-level champion Arabian horses.ThesebreathtakingArabian horseshave graced the Arabian Community nationwide...not only in the show ring, but in the impeccable bloodlines that continue to enhance the breed. Leon Matthias, a renowned trainer and respected regional and national-level judge, has dedicated his life to producing and training the finest of the Arabian breed. Within the Arabian world the name Matthias is synonymous with integrity.

Because of its full-scale operation and excellence in barn management,Matthias Arabians is used as a teaching center byIowaStateUniversity's Animal Science Equine Program.Matthias Arabians is a premier source for Arabians and Half-Arabiansthat provides services in breeding, training of horses, (halter and performance) sale of horses, as well as classes in all disciplines.

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The Matthias Arabians Team
Leon Matthias
Owner, Trainer, Judge

Kim Matthias
Chief Operations Manager and Breeding Manager

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